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The study questionnaire includes two scales, the Conflict Tactics Scales or CTS (Straus, 1996) to obtain data on violence between the respondent and his or her partner, and the Personal And Relationships Profile (PRP) to obtain data on 25 risk factors for partner violence and a scale to measure "socially desirable" response bias (Straus, Hamby, Boney-Mc Coy, and Sugarman, 2010).

Using the CTS, the respondents were queried about personal and social relationships.

They were then asked about their attitudes toward the opposite sex and opinions on sexual crime. Respondents were asked if they used drugs and alcohol, and whether their level of use was significant enough to endanger their health.

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In addition, they were asked whether or not they attended religious services.

Respondents were also queried about conflict with, and anger toward, their partners.

The term "violence" refers to maltreatment of a partner, including physical assault, injury as a result of assault by a partner, psychological aggression, and sexual coercion.

The questionnaires, although completed by one person, include data on the behavior of both partners as reported by the student who completed questionnaire.

The scale included items the partner did to the respondent or the respondent did to their partner, as well as the frequency of those incidents over the past year.

Items included physical violence such as throwing objects, pushing or shoving, use of weapons, slapping, burning or scalding, and other types of physical assault.

The producer refers the user to the translated questionnaires.

For additional information, please see the International Dating Violence Study Web Site. The International Dating Violence Study (IDVS) was conducted by a consortium of researchers in 32 nations.

Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2011-08-19.

It includes data on both perpetration and being a victim of violence.

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