Yakuza 4 dating guide

Your best bet is to use Essence of Wall Crush 2 whenever you can get your HEAT high enough.

This item cannot be received in Premium Adventure, and must be picked up in Premium New Game from Bob Utsunomiya B in Naomi's Palace.

This item is useful for Extra Hard mode, but not necessary.

Be ready for a series of QTEs as he reaches the midpoint of his final health bar.

Fight him using your normal combo, getting some ground HEAT actions where possible.

This type of save is necessary for keeping items, abilities, and money in Premium New Game.

Substory and challenge progress will be lost across playthroughs, so be sure to finish anything if you want the above trophies or rewards from Bob Utsunomiya.Extra Hard Mode isn't any more difficult than Hard Mode was, it just doesn't allow retrying after losing a fight or critical chase scene.The key to getting around this is saving often and passing items efficiently across characters through the story.Be sure to equip Tanimura with bulletproof gear, or the Sacred Tree set (earned from finishing all the Saigo, Master, and Nair training with Akiyama, Saejima, and Tanimura respectively).Avoid using slash kicks, as they're not likely to connect and open you up to counterattacks.Anything that must be completed in a single playthrough like Amon Defeated or Business Card Hunter should be finished here.

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