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Some of these tools are blocking CSS files making CSS files to not load properly.Try to clear your proxy or firewall cookies and cache, and press to refresh your page.Most Word Press problems are solvable; If you hit an error, don’t fret because chances are, some other Word Press user had the same problem and had already gotten it solved.

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We hope this will comes in handy for you – happy Word Pressing!

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You can set the limit to 32MB, 64MB, 128MB or 256MB. If you’re still allowed to edit your PHP.inifile, update your memory_limit in by modifying the below line The problem: You receive "Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()" when you login to Word Press admin after updating Word Press.

This error is caused by a fail Word Press version upgrade. For more details about Word Press manual update, read Press#Manual_Update.

The Word Press platform faces lots of bugs, vulnerabilities, and hacks daily. New features and functionalities are added to each newly released version.

Whether it’s completely new stuff, or just making the old stuff work better, those updates bring a lot of improvements. Technology evolves so fast that it’s hard to keep up … And some modern plugins require you to be on the newest version of the Word Press core in order to use them.Add your site by clicking this button: After adding the site, click on “Backup Now”: Once the backup is done, click on “History” from the same menu to see all your backups.You can download the backup to your computer or upload it to an off-site storage (I like to use Dropbox for that).Here are the steps you should follow: By backing up your site, you will make sure that your content is stored somewhere safe, so it won’t be affected by the update.And in case anything goes wrong, you can always restore the old version of your site from the backup.Let’s take Blog Vault as an example to illustrate how backing up is done. If Blog Vault seems a bit too expensive (.4 / month), there are some alternatives available.

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