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This form of connectedness also eschews the extraordinary in favor of the ordinary—that is, the daily ways we queers inhabit a world that corporeally and psychically inscribes us.The lesbian/queer sex publics explored here confront normative violence and lived trauma through sex, which I read as a mode of refusal and resistance.It’s our mission to provide an unmatched experience when you are shopping for your Halloween costumes, accessories, décor, and costume apparel.

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This bullshit makes me think of Orwell's essay on language and totalitarianism.

Anyone who writes like this, you have to ask yourself what they're trying to hide. I'm beyond disturbed to learn that "safeguarding" has been redefined by Judith Butler.

This is also to broaden understandings of trauma as feminists (see Brown 1995) and queer-of-color theorists have done: to understand trauma not as a single cataclysmic event (e.g., natural disaster, war—events that are acknowledged as traumatic because they also affect white men) but to include the daily microassaults and the unremitting, compounding violence of white privilege, racism, trans/misogyny, and compulsory heterosexuality, all of which insidiously accumulate in the flesh.

What was so striking to me about the sex publics I engaged was their overwhelming audibility, both the cries of excruciating pain and the loud, at times deafening, moans of bodily pleasure.

It is in this delay, this suspense of gratification, where the greatest intensities of pleasure—in all their invisibility and discordance—will be found (for, in BDSM, there is often no climax to speak of).

Lesbian S/M is thus, as Hart explains, “an acting out of commitment,” a perversion perversely riding on the erotics of loyalty itself (1998, 80).

Understanding desire through our particularized embodiments, as queer-of-color theorists argue, is precisely what might be so queer about desire, our perversities, and how they figure into modalities of resistance and survival.

These BDSM reenactments are bound by an eroticism devotedly oriented around active receptivity and attentiveness, a form of safeguarding.

Perverse sex, in its excavations and reworkings of shame and trauma, can be a modality of survival and kinship and is thus powerfully resistive.

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