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The cherished offspring of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes, Champagne is made in much the same way as other wines.

What makes Champagne special is a second fermentation process, which happens after the wine has been sealed snuggly in its lovely bottle.

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Each conference attendee sits at a table, and everyone at each table will taste 20 wines over an hour period.

During that hour, a wine representative (usually the winemaker) has 5 minutes to talk about their wine, while conference attendees ask questions, taste the wine, and take notes before the representative moves on to the next table and a new representative comes arrives to start the process all over again.

I felt like I spent the hour tasting a lot of average or slightly above average wines, all of which I might have picked up from the store and experimented with myself.

Posted by winesleuth in California | 7 comments Live wineblogging at the US Winebloggers Conference – more like wineries trying to speed date me. What I thought: creamy nose, some tropical fruit, palate of tropical fruit slight bit of apple, some oak, creamy, buttery finish, typical california. Candy apple nose, med bodied, very spicy, strawberry jam, bit smoky, lots of cinammon Sean Minor – 4 Bears winery 06 Cab, all wines retail below 20 bucks, 65% sourced from a select group of vineyards, the rest sourced by Sean from various vineyards.Matured in 50% french/50% american oak, retail .Nose- cassis, raspberries, subtle fruit nose, palate – cassis, cooked red fruit, raspberry, bit of cigar but still very fruity Lionheart wine ’07 Roussane– the winemakers said that they were looking to make a balanced wine, higher in acidity then most, 100 percent roussane from Santa Barbera County, nose of orange blossom, tropical fruits, on the lees, lovely fruit upfront, tropical pineapple, creamy, bit of minerality, caramilized pineapple, lovely, great example of white Rhone vatietal, slightly nutty.The hallmark of a fabulous Champagne: tiny bubbles.The first sightings of Champagne are credited to the monk Dom Perignon, who lived during the 17th century and is honored to this day with his name on one of the most sophisticated and desirable brands of Champagne.Champagne is produced in the Champagne region of France, just outside of Paris.

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