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For Stephanie Pratt, her breasts size have grown within a short period of time.

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Lip fillers, when used too excessively, can result in an “overdone” look.

And if too swollen, it can take months before the effect wears off.

Though Stephanie has full breasts early in her career, her boobs seem to have gone up a few notches in size.

Thus, there is the constant speculation about Stephanie Pratt undergoing a boob job.

Even with the recent reports on the dangers of silicon implants, many celebrities still opt to have implants inserted.

The lure of a curvy figure and a corresponding boost in sexiness dwarfs the dangers of implants.Some commented that she looked like an old woman while others suggested the overuse of plastic surgery.As Botox injections are one of the most easily administered plastic surgery procedures, it is no surprise that Stephanie might have resorted to it.Together with Heidi Montag, they have made themselves a long lasting career from The Hills.May she never be addicted to plastic surgery procedures and continue to look beautiful always.Though she looked pretty then, perhaps she wanted a perfect look.

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