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Quality, for her, takes precedence over quantity: Not counting live albums, there are only 73 songs of hers, but none of them is bad.All the same, there are definitely better songs and worse songs, and we’ve taken the time to rank them — not out of frivolity, but out of necessity.Rappers like Rick Ross and Drake, producers like Kanye West, singers like Beyoncé, metal bands like the Deftones; all converge in their respect for Sade’s unquestionable integrity.

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Sade soon became the main attraction at concerts, her voice drawing sold-out crowds; together with three Pride members, she formed a self-titled band and signed with a major label.

Her first album, 1984’s (1988) witnessed the band slowly deepening and refining a sound of its own, eventually drawing from jazz, funk, soul, pop, and rock in shifting but roughly equal measures. Released 25 years ago today, is the most consistent display of Sade’s unique mode of R&B: an underwater ambience conjured by keyboards, tastefully unobtrusive piano and drums, and thick, driving bass lines framing the singer’s evocations of love lost, maintained, and fallen into. Though still related in tone to the American soul singers she was originally influenced by, the poise in Sade finds few parallels in other artists.

Her voice is impeccably cool, yet somehow still conveys great passion and resolve; she seems utterly convinced that to do justice to something is to love it fully, with a wisdom inseparable from responsibility.

No one has successfully copied her, but everyone in music adores her.

The spare arrangement and crawling pace work to the artist’s advantage — after all, any real betrayal is going to take a lot of time and silence to brood over. “Haunt Me,” (1992): Sade’s harrowing legend of a Somali mother searching for pearls to pay to feed her daughter turns on a line so weird and exact you could mistake it for bad; only once you’ve painfully broken in a pair of new sneakers does “It hurts like brand-new shoes” fully emerge as the genius metaphor it is. There’s an interesting contrast between the light sounds and tone of voice and the lyrical promises and grief that leaves one coming back for more: As the lyrics say, “I’d like to leave but I’m unable to.” 29.

“Like a Tattoo,” (1993): Sade’s cover of Percy Mayfield’s 1950 blues hit adds a rare element of wit to her catalog.

So here are the 73 Sade songs, arranged from least best to best — or from minor pain relief to complete catharsis.

(1984): This allegory for the Salvation Army displays an artist determined from the start to be socially engaged, but also one who hasn’t yet found out how to do it without being a bit preachy. “Love Affair With Life,” “Your Love Is King (1985): Based on a real-life friend of Sade whom she fell out with, the title figure of “Maureen” never really comes into focus, nor do we ever discover why they parted ways.

Over a career spanning six albums and 33 years, the art of the singer, backed by her band, has never been anything less than inimitable.

Yet given that her delivery is instantly recognizable and impossible to replicate, it’s something of a marvel that she almost missed out on singing altogether.

(1988): Story time again — now it’s the tale of a poor young man driven to crime.

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