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I’m not certain, but I am pretty sure that Will Smith was inspired to write his hit song, “Miami” after seeing Marza’s hair zoom by on a bicycle in South Beach. Our only critique is that his luscious locks are covering his ears. You’re on our list for having the best hair in local news, not the most exposed ears in local news. It’s like his hair is softly calling you toward him with a “come-hither” grin. Our nickname for Blaine Tolison: “Beach-hair Blaine”Twitter: @BTolison WFTV Matt Keller has hair that every frat boy envies.

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Now try and pull your eyes back over to the words and read more about how amazing this guy is…First, he was raised in Calais, Maine.

Mike’s hair would be acceptable in the Brady Bunch days or at Miley Cyrus’s 2014 New Year’s Party. The way his bangs sway slightly to the right melts the heart of plenty of swooning ladies.

We scoured the country to find the 25 best local news reporters/anchors with the best hair. ” These are the men in local news who thought they, themselves, should’ve made the list, or were voted by loyal fans! However, We don’t need to know much else to understand his greatness. Eric Egan’s hair inspired the creation of Photoshop, so that others could (at least in pictures) have hair so perfect. Eric Egan’s hair makes purebred Clydesdales jealous. Eric Egan’s hair once told the Dalai Lama to “calm down.” Eric Egan’s hair has a trust fund set up for his children that they can’t touch until they’re 35, because Eric Egan’s hair believes in responsibility. Find the best deals on incredible hair product by clicking here! You can also tell that Nelson has a perfectly shaped head. He would look just as good bald, but thank the Heavenly Lord he isn’t! Our nickname for Rob Nelson: “Handsome Nelson”Twitter: @TVRob Nelson I mean, seriously? Clearly, Ron doesn’t need to buy Sun In anytime soon. I bet he styles his hair by holding his head out the window of his car on his way to work. God, what I wouldn’t give to be the product in his hair. Well, this is still the second highest honor of my TV career — maybe third? She does take an awful lot of credit for giving me great hair. ”Chase even gave us insight on how he gets THAT look, “My kick-a** stylist Chrissy Phelan turned me on to evo’s products.

It was tough work, but after scrolling through hundreds of station websites in every state, we have found our top 25! Either way, make sure you check out our Fan Favorite list! Legend has it that, Eric Egan’s hair is President Obama’s top adviser. Eric Egan’s hair invented the word “foodie.” Eric Egan’s hair regrets nothing — except the invention of the word “foodie.”Our nickname for Eric Egan: Eric Egan’s hair thinks you should get to know Eric before you give him a nickname… *** This University of North Carolina alum has a set of hair that would make anyone jealous. That would keep us from experiencing the awe-inspiring hair that is Rob Nelson. Our nickname for Ron Corning: “Charismatic Corning.”Twitter: @roncorning Chase Cain is a local NBC reporter in San Francisco, California. You don’t like when I end my sentences with questions, do you? Cain’s hair is the definition of “full, voluminous hair.” Do they even make combs strong enough for Chase Cain’s hair? When reached for comment, Chase answered, “An award for my hair!? I like the ‘casual act moulding paste‘ and ‘cassius cushy clay‘ depending on the mood of my hair — and the weather in San Francisco.”Our nickname for Chase Cain: “Wavey Chasey”Twitter: @Chase Cain TV This Emmy award winning journalist has done it all: reporting, anchoring, and having great hair!

His hair looks like it could’ve soaked up the BP oil spill. This Minneapolis native is also pretty darn perfect.

He started a non-profit, after school program to teach media training and athletics to inner-city children.The star broke the one and struggled in his career but has revived his career.https:// Lbhx EBu KF/?taken-by=jackieleemusic Movie Review After gaining plenty of expertise and enjoying several movies, he looked in Love Wrecked at 2005 in which his portrayal of Chase was applauded.Arts , Briefly No memory may be struck by Voice of D at Grand Theft Auto V, however, the boy of tennis superstar Serena Williams will bring back the picture of the celebrity.Jackie Long is author, a performer, musician and also a hip hop performer but is known For Soul Men, Sale, and ATL.Our nickname for Alex Savidge: “All Star Alex”Twitter: @Alex Savidge Elex Michaelson has two things: a genuine, beaming smile and one fantastic flow of locks! Our nickname for Elex Michaleson: “The Elixir”Twitter: @ABC7Elex Bachman has the definitive Southern, frat boy hair. Like a strong black cup of coffee from the hills of Colombia, Dominic’s hair is heavy, deep, rich, and full. Our nickname: John “Lovin’ those Locks” Langeler Twitter: @JLangeler KING5 Scott Daniels is most known as the brother to Jack. Steve uses Garnier Fructis and American Crew products.

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