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Just because the comedian hasn't put anything out on Netflix or anywhere else since a year and a half ago doesn't mean that he hasn't been doing anything new., and the likelihood that it's Chappelle's way of signaling to fans and critics alike what's been on his mind for the past year and a half.

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Chappelle spends almost the entire hour arguing that rich and famous people shouldn’t have to face consequences for the fucked-up things they do.

He dismisses and mocks Michael Jackson’s accusers, defends C.

The streaming giant dropped the new hour's first teaser trailer without warning on Thursday, complete with a tongue-in-cheek narration provided by actor Morgan Freeman., Netflix is banking on Chappelle's undeniable popularity and forgoing the need for any kind of major advertising roll out.

After all, the special's August 26th premiere date is just a week and a half away, and while the streamer will most likely drop one or two short clips between now and then, they don't have to. Besides, even with Chappelle's absence from Netflix since his massive slate of releases in 2017, he's been keeping busy with a brief joint tour featuring fellow comic and friend Jon Stewart, a short stint on Broadway and a forthcoming Mark Twain Prize in October.

Chappelle’s special is terrible not because audiences have changed, but because Chappelle himself is so thoroughly out of touch with today. The only stuff that works here is the one section where Chappelle drops the contempt and actually talks about life outside of comedy.

It comes at the very end of the special, when he discusses his own personal experiences growing up poor and his dad’s attempts to save money.Sticks & Stones—which I assume is called that because Triggered was already taken—is less a comedy special than an hourlong exposé of Chappelle’s fragile ego.It’s one fantastically wealthy man revealing how thoroughly gotten to he is by criticism, while desperately trying to seem above it all.K., and even jokes that trans people need to take responsibility for Chappelle’s own transphobic jokes.An extended bit about who he calls “the alphabet people”—the LGBTQ community—packs in as many queer stereotypes as Chappelle can fit, while reserving special scorn and derision for trans people.It’s hard to see how any of this is even meant to be funny, and watching it feels like overhearing retirees and Fox News watchers complain about a world that has thoroughly passed them by.

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