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Jolie isn’t exacting revenge on her estranged husband over an imaginary romance. The magazine’s story is predicated on a false premise, but Gossip Cop still reached out to a Jolie confidante, who assures us she’s not dating Penn. “Angelina Jolie Secretly Dating Jared Leto Amid Brad Pitt Divorce? The two were spotted several times spending time together and going to dinner dates.

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online dating post - Who is dating sean penn

One of this week’s tabloids claims the actress is hooking up with the actor to get revenge on Brad Pitt for supposedly moving on with Charlize Theron. The magazine alleges that Jolie and Penn got in touch to vent about their respective exes “publicly humiliating them,” and the conversation soon turned flirty.

According to , Jolie is furious about her estranged husband’s supposed romance with Theron, so she’s getting payback by dating Pitt’s pal and Theron’s ex-boyfriend, Penn.

Let’s find out who Sean Penn is dating in addition to knowing his ex-girlfriends (and boyfriends) being that he has had a long list of women he had an affair with ever since he became a public figure, this list will also mention women he was rumored to have dated or had a fling with.

Sean Penn is not gay and as such is not known to have dated any man.

Things got kind of hot, and next thing you know, they’re hanging out together – not making any secret of their relationship.” The suspicious insider further contends there’s always been an “intense chemistry” between Jolie and Penn, even during the time she was with Pitt.

“It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she and Sean showed up in public with her kids in tow,” adds the seemingly phony tipster.

After White, he gave us reasons to conclude that an addition has been made to the dynamic Sean Penn dating list when he was spotted severally going on dates with Valeria.

It continued with a few more dates before they went their separate ways or rather people stopped seeing them together and concluded they were now apart.

“It was like all the drama was a turn-on for them,” a so-called “source” tells the outlet.

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