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· Kagasoff has had his first smooch at the age of thirteen; he admits that a lady always wants to be with a man who is a good kisser.· Though Kagasoff himself is very popular yet he has crush like a non celeb, Daren has crush on Kate Winslet · Kagasoff has a unique taste in women, he likes to be with a lady who is wise and gives Daren his space.

Kagasoff then opened a new chapter as a male lead in the Fox Pilot Deliriumbeen casted as Alex in February 2013, he continued to strengthen his career in demand, he co-starred in the film Ouija as Trevor, the film was based on Hasbro Board Game, directed by Stiles White and was released in October 2014.

Kagasoff also had given the guest appearance in the Dark CBS series, “Stalker”.

Let’s take a look at the soon-to-be Though neither officially admitted to dating, Kagasoff confirmed that he had a crush on Woodley, and Woodley has been quoted as saying anyone would be “dead lucky to be with him.

I am dead lucky.” However, she challenged the fans to figure out if they were dating or not.

(Photo by Jamie Mc Carthy/Getty Images) Lies (based on the book of the same name by Liane Moriarty), there are plenty of A-list actors and actresses to be excited about seeing.

Included in the cast are Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley. Seeing which on-screen romances translate off-screen. This is often a strong possibility especially with an actress like Woodley, who seems to be the queen of dating co-stars.

The show had five seasons which ended up after five years after hitting the 100 episodes and making the history on the television.

After the closing of the show Kagasoff closed the chapter with the ABC Family.

Kagasoff including himself are three brothers and sisters; he is in middle, his big brother is Justin and younger sister is Natalie. Education In 2005 Kagasoff graduated from Montclair Preparatory High school. San Francisco State University was the institution where while studying Kagasoff decided to be an actor.

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