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Anybody can be a gold digger, and true to their nature, they can be difficult to identify because they’re generally good at lying and keeping secrets.

However, a gold digger isn’t just somebody going through a temporary financial rough patch, and there are common red flags that can help you identify them.

Let’s get one thing straight — you can break up with anyone at any time for any reason.

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Only you can decide for yourself what red flags are going to be deal-breakers.

It’s a good idea to establish your boundaries now so you can stick to them when you’re dating. If it’s financial independence, then a man that asks you for cash or loans probably won’t be compatible with you.

Knowing that’s a dealbreaker for you means that you can end the relationship if that red flag comes up.

On the other hand, if you value ambition and entrepreneurship, you might date someone early in his career.

When my brother looked hesitant the father quickly said he could pick whichever one he fancied. She quickly produced 2 male children and began her quest to get a hold of the property rights.

My father was bed-ridden by then and she began her incessant and silent quest to beat down my mother.It started with daily dramas of how my brother did not have a job and she felt less among her peers.It was amazing to see how she had quite forgotten her own roots.There were a few warning signs, but she pushed her worries aside and focused on all the good things about him.Without spoiling too much of the story, he turns out to be “Dirty John” the gold digger, and much worse.If he’s okay with living within his means and respects your boundaries, then maybe you don’t see any red flags — but if he’s trying to achieve another standard of living off of your dime, that’s a deal-breaker.

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