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There is no reference to the real names of these Indians and were given "Christian" names for convenience.

This all contributed to the loss of identity similar to the Mozambicans and other slaves who were brought to the Cape.

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In general, the importation of labour was not viewed as politically important by colonists when it was proposed, and the importation of Indian labour was driven by lobbying by a relatively small group of sugar planters, and the long-term consequences of Indian immigration (the establishment of a permanent Indian population in Natal) were not taken into account.

Indentured labourers on sugar plantations were frequently mistreated, and lived in unsanitary conditions.

Politically conscious and nationalistic Indian South Africans wanted to show both their heritage and their local roots.

Increasingly they self-identified as "African", "South African" and, when necessary, "Indian South Africans".

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Mpenjati beach was approved as a naturist beach by the local town council in charge of the area, however the Public Protector ruled that the proper procedures had not been followed in proclaiming Mpenjati as a naturist beach.

The situation at the other beaches is less certain.

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