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Whether you're looking for true love in a stable and successful relationship, or a short-term mutually beneficial romance, these unique choices and anything in between are yours to explore. You can share as much or as little as you want - we'll take care of the rest! Wealthy was created for successful men looking for women to spoil and beautiful women seeking wealthy men!

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that one who is looking for a millionaire is a gold digger or is someone who is only after money.

There are different reasons as to why a person wants to date a wealthy man.

Most wealthy men are looking for a woman that does not only have beauty but as well as the brain.

Some women nowadays think that acting stupid is cute, but in all honesty, being smart is sexier than your curvaceous body.

For instance, while having dinner, his phone will keep on buzzing and don’t feel bad if he wants to answer it.

They are busy people, and they need to be on call for their business.

It can be because of the comfort or because of the conveniences of dating one.

Whatever reason does the person has, we should never judge a person for wanting to date someone who is wealthy.

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