Vlookup not updating

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For instance, if your company applies stipends for travel, you probably add the same amount for every employee for travel days.

Now, let's suppose that your company pays a different stipend for each job site location and that an employee could earn more than one stipend in a single day?

The quickest way to add a stipend amount for each job site to the hourly list is to add a VLOOKUP() function using the following syntax: Note that the two ranges (for a regular data range) must be absolute references.

Figure B shows the results after formatting the new column as Currency and adding header text.

This is a dangerous default because VLOOKUP may quietly return an incorrect result when it doesn't find your lookup value.

Read below to see some examples of how VLOOKUP can cause trouble when you don't manage match behavior..This is why I chose to use Table objects—the VLOOKUP() function automatically updates to include the new row—you don't have to modify the function.The error in row 4 was easy to troubleshoot and fix.Video: Great video by Oz du Soleil on how binary search really works in Excel.In this example, there is no invoice 100235, but because VLOOKUP defaults to approximate match, it finds a result anyway.The structure is flexible enough to accommodate employees who work at multiple off-site locations in a single day.

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