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Virtual reality has been used in psychology as a treatment option for many behavioural disorders for more than a decade.Virtual reality therapy, together with psycho-therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, has been used to treat disorders among the general population, as well as criminal behaviour.

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The very realism offered by virtual therapies can also throw up barriers.

Potential side effects for participants include what is known as cybersickness, with various symptoms from eye strain, headache and nausea, to sweating, disorientation, and vertigo. In some countries, even computer-generated images of nude individuals, especially those of children, can be illegal.

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .Ultimately this could lead to false assessments of sex offenders, either that they are rehabilitated when they are not or vice versa.It’s a natural progression to use technology in the criminal justice system to help assess sex offenders and improve the treatments available; as technology has been used in other areas of criminal justice.University of Montreal researcher Massil Benbouriche has used this realism to help understand the impulses of sex offenders in order to find better ways of treating them.Key to using virtual reality as therapy is the degree to which an individual identifies with the world.Benbouriche uses a virtual reality headset and various audio-visual stimuli within a “cave”, or a cube of screens, to provide an immersive experience to the participant.

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