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You can try this fix on other versions of office like office 2013 office 365 etc.

Above solution will help you to fix “Cannot verify the license for this product” but if you are running pirated or non-genuine version of Microsoft office 2010 it may not work.

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Luckily Power Shell makes this scenario very simple and we need to follow these logical steps: I have made the completed Power Shell script available for download at the end of the article and the following steps explain the processing and setup of each section of the script.

Following the first part of the article, we should be on a Share Point Server in the Farm (in order to get the users) and have installed the Power Shell Command Lets for Office 365 as well as the login feature.

(or similar folder as per your office version like office16). Now type cscript /act in cmd window and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Now reopen office 2010 program, you will not get any error.

Previous Post: In the first part of this article I talked about the steps necessary using Power Shell to find information about users on Office 365 and validate their license status.

We were able to connect to Office 365 with Power Shell and search for users via several parameters.

The only real global variable is a data table(Validated Users) that stores the results of each of the matching actions in the following columns Email – Local Email (On premise reference) Alias – Logon Name (On premise reference) Display Name – Local Display Name (On premise reference) Validation Result – Was the script able to find the user in Office 365 User Principal Name(UPN) – If found what is the sign in name Is Licensed – Does this user have a license assigned to it User Mapping – Field to Create User Mappings for 3rd Party Products #region Create Table and Add Columns #Create Data Table for Export $tab Name = "Validated Users" #Create Table object $table = New-Object system. This section attempts to get the current subscription info as a test to see if the service is already connected.

this is useful if you want to run multiple searches against sites in one window without re-authenticating every time.

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