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Currently, Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) is the independent information provider for the VIBE program.

When adjudicating employment-based petitions or applications, USCIS must primarily rely on paper documentation supplied by the petitioning company or organization to establish the petitioner’s eligibility for the requested classification or by the applicant to confirm a bona fide job offer or request job portability.

Due to their unique eligibility requirements, the following employment-based classifications are not included in VIBE at this time: The use of VIBE is expected to enhance USCIS’s ability to distinguish eligible petitioners and applicants from those who may be ineligible, and thus make reviews by USCIS officers more efficient.

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Petitioners or applicants MUST respond to these RFEs or NOIDs; failure to respond may result in the denial of the petition or application.

Customers may email to USCIS their questions about RFEs or NOIDs involving IIP information we received through VIBE, as well as suggestions for improving the program, to [email protected]

If USCIS officers find significant data discrepancy between the evidence submitted by the petitioner or applicant and the information presented in VIBE, they will give the petitioner or applicant the opportunity to respond to the agency’s concerns. government customers is a free, password-protected and encrypted online service tool offered by D&B.

USCIS may issue an RFE or a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) if it is necessary to resolve relevant inconsistencies or other issues that emerge upon review of VIBE-supplied information that are material to the benefit requested. Its users will be asked a series of short challenge questions, based on geographical and demographic data, to authenticate and establish an ID and password.

USCIS will then make a final decision based on the totality of the circumstances. Only those with access to your established ID and password will be able to access your business information. S.-based publicly traded company, government entity, or foreign company and you want to create, update or view your report with D&B, you may use .

USCIS does not require companies and organizations to create or update records with D&B; however, you may choose to create, verify, or correct your company or organization’s information with D&B. S.-based privately held company or organization and you would like to create, verify or correct its D&B record, you may contact D&B directly online through . Please be aware that if you update your information through com, you may be subjected to direct marketing from D&B.The IRB will usually require that investigators obtain a Certificate of Confidentiality to ensure that risks to subjects are minimized for the following instruments: To minimize effort and to avoid duplication, the IRB provides a listing of study measures that are considered validated.They include instruments maintained by CHOP's Center for Human Phenomic Science (CHPS) as well as instruments submitted by investigators that have evidence of test validity.Please note that hether or not you choose to create a record or update your record with D&B, you must respond to any RFE or NOID you receive from USCIS.Failure to respond directly to USCIS could result in the denial of your petition.For example, if a petitioner is seeking L-1 status for a beneficiary, VIBE will help USCIS officers confirm that the petitioner has a foreign affiliate, which is a requirement for granting L-1 status.

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