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First, I logged to the pogoplug using ssh, downloaded the installation script from Jeff web site, and changed permissions to make it executable.

-bash-3.2# cd /tmp -bash-3.2# -bash-3.2# -bash-3.2# wget to jeff.( install_uboot_mtd0.s 100% |***********************************************************************| 17281 --:--:-- ETA -bash-3.2# chmod x ./!!!!!! If you lose power to your device while running this script, it could be left in an unusable state. Connecting to jeff.( fw_env.config.md5 100% |***********************************************************************| 48 --:--:-- ETA Connecting to jeff.( fw_env.config 100% |***********************************************************************| 329 --:--:-- ETA # Successfully installed /etc/fw_env.config.# Validating existing u Boot...

On reset, this ROM code searches for the bootloader and then copies it to the internal RAM before executing it.

updating uboot-15updating uboot-17

Now I have the option to boot another firmware on my pogoplug, and yet able to boot the original firmware if needed.

The AM335X contains ROM code that can load a bootloader from external memory such as the on-board e MMC.

Updating u Boot is a bit risky action, because if anything went wrong during the update (e.g.

power outage), the device could be rendered unusable.

# You can set the correct arc Number by running the following command: /usr/sbin/fw_setenv arc Number 2998 # u Boot installation has completed successfully.

Before rebooting, I copied all the files in /tmp for my reference later, which contain the dump of the original u Boot that was installed (uboot-mtd0-dump) Finally I have updated u Boot.

** Bad ext2 partition or disk - mmc 0:1 ** Card did not respond to voltage select!

Booting Arch Linux ARM (ALARM) on Pogoplug V2 is straightforward, as long as we have only attached the USB drive/stick where ALARM is installed.

A fully featured version of U-Boot can be over 400KB, hence it is not possible to load this immediately.

For this reason, a cut down version of U-Boot called U-Boot SPL (Second Program Loader) is loaded first, and once it has initialised the CPU, it chain loads a fully featured version of U-Boot (u-boot.img).

By default, the ROM code in the Sitara AM3359 will boot from the MMC1 interface first (the onboard e MMC), followed by MMC0 (external u SD), UART0 and USB0.

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