Updating swing components from an arbitrary thread

Every non-abstract Action Listener has a single method, action Performed, which is called automatically when the user makes an "action" with the component on which the listener is registered (the action with button is, obviously, pressing it).

To register action listener for the button or other component, call the method Action Listener.

For instance, call my Panel.add(my Button, Border Layout. The top level container, which appears on the screen representing java application, is not a JPanel but JFrame.

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It is a kind of container for components, which occupies the rectangular piece on the screen and shows the components arranged in some simple way.

How exactly the components are arranged depends on which layout have you set to that panel.

wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. This article explains how to create simple application that is shown in the figure on the right, giving its source code as well.

To create this article, 34 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. To place buttons, text labels and other components on the program window, you need to understand about JPanel.

Once you have an instance of JPanel, call the Layout method to set the layout and then the method to add the components to it.

For the Border Layout, you need to give the location as a second parameter.

In my view, this is a good thing because look and feel should be handled by a talented design person, not a coder.

While it is possible to create HTML based layout components in Echo, the top level is still some kind of application constructed in code.

You can do anything in Wicket that you can do in HTML and in exactly the way you always used to do it. I want the whole framework to be based around this "HTML-panelness".

There are other significant differences between Echo and Wicket that require in-depth knowledge of both frameworks.

So it will take some time before a nuanced comparison can be articulated.

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