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sleep quality, activity levels) to ‘smart home’ assistive devices that assist in ‘ageing at home’.

Devices range from single-sensor mobile devices to complex spatial networks capable of measuring health (e.g.

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“In order to understand what ethical issues have already been identified and discussed in the context of H-Io T, a systematic survey of academic literature was conducted in November 2016.

Results of the survey are presented as a narrative review of the field.

A primary challenge of H-Io T is to ensure that devices and protocols for sharing the data that they create are technologically robust and scientifically reliable, while also remaining ethically responsible, trustworthy, and respectful of user rights and interests.

Privacy is also critical, as H-Io T devices can create a personal health and activity record of unprecedented scope and granularity.

A protocol that, for instance, retains data indefinitely without a clearly defined purpose may be more worrisome than storage with well-defined limitations, scope, and purpose.

The role of the user (or data subject) in subsequent processing and control of data generated by H-Io T must be considered on ethical as well as legal grounds.Linking H-Io T data with other biomedical datasets, including aggregated clinical trials (Costa ) when the generated data are linked to other medical datasets.As these examples show, H-Io T presents many possible benefits for patient health and healthcare, and may play a key role in meeting potential shortfalls in healthcare attributed to ageing demographics (United Nations ).Inclusion was based solely on the discussion of ethical issues in the article, with the goal of identifying themes in the literature.Limitations were not placed on the quality or length of the discussion, but rather on the mere presence of ethical concepts and issues.Additional sources were also located through hand-searching and backtracking of citations provided within the reviewed articles.

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