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Since there are many products (over 80), the user will have to scroll far to the right to view information about each of the products.Figure 4: For Sufficiently Large Data Sources, a Single Column Data List Will Require Horizontal Scrolling (Click to view full-size image) To create a multi-column, multi-row Data List, we need to set the property to 3.Hello, I am having trouble getting records to insert and update properly.

Moreover, it s possible to have all of the data source items displayed in a single-row, multi-column Data List.

We can customize the Data List s layout through its properties, which, respectively, indicate how many columns are rendered and whether those items are laid out vertically or horizontally.

Figure 2: By Default, the Data List Renders as a Single-Column, Multi-Row Table (Click to view full-size image) While the default behavior for the Data List is to lay out its items vertically in a single-column, multi-row table, this behavior can easily be changed through the Data List s , the Data List renders its records in a single row, creating one column per data source item.

To illustrate this effect, click on the Data List in the Designer and then, from the Properties window, change the Property Dictates How the Direction the Data List s Items are Laid Out (Click to view full-size image) When displaying small amounts of data, a single-row, multi-column table might be an ideal way to maximize screen real estate.

Connection String = "Provider=msdaora.1;data source=db_name;user id=user_name;password=pwd" obj Conn. Writing out variable tells me the code is working everytime but examining the database shows me the error.

Close Set obj Conn = Nothing I thought it was refreshing the page but I inserted a session variable as a counter and it showed the page only displayed once. assuming the record set was defined as rs, and the connection was defined as conn.

Especially since it seems the results are only being used for this update in your example vulnerable to sql injection attacks.

I wanted to show the syntax for sql parameters using an object array.

For larger volumes of data, however, a single row will require numerous columns, which pushes those items that can t fit on the screen off to the right.

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