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A Flashcart fits into the Slot 1 of your DS and bypasses the DS operating system, which essentially opens up all sorts of possibilities for you and your DS.

You will be able to load your backup roms and homebrew applications that will transform your Nintendo DS into a full blown multimedia center!

I have been researching the NDS hacking scene for quite some time now, and this instructable is the dedicated outcome of all my findings.

As with my other instructables, I have written this one is such a way that it will save you the time of doing the research for yourself.

It took me breaking 2 and loosing 3 of my game cartridges, to realise that I need another way of storing my games.

So what you'll find here are tutorials and reviews of the NDS homebrew scene, NDS hardware and peripherals and of course instructables on other things you can do with or to the NDS. The essential ingredient for transforming your NDS into an Ultimate piece of technology is a Flashcart.

I warn of course at this stage, that I have no responsibility over what you do with your own device.

Me and my DSYou must do a bit of reading to find out what you want out of your DS and your Flash Cart.

I decided against splitting it, so hope you guys and girls appreciate having everything in one place.

Disclaimer Type Statement: You will not find direct links to DS game roms on this instructable, for obvious reasons.

These are very easy to find on your own if you choose to do so.

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