Updating bdp s300

I'd eliminate all possible problems before trashing the Sony. i have not done verification or iso compare on burned discs.

i will look into using Img Burn and see if that makes a difference, while doing verification and iso compare (though i don't know what those are yet).

realizing i hadn't updated the firmware in the player in some time, i decided to update.

updating bdp s300-55

Updating bdp s300

Popularity of LG phones is unquestionable and the fact that the gadgets last for very long time is known well, hence people need to know how to update android firmware on LG.

The manufacture has outstanding customer service care and updates dated phones regularly, so that its performance stays up to date. Mobile phones from Sony are one of the most desirable gadgets on the market; therefore these people who wish to keep them for a little bit longer need to know how to update android firmware on Sony.

2) It's not a booktype problem, as your TYs are DVD-R. 3) Are you certain the firmware update was fully successful? Have you unplugged the machine for a minute or so to reset it? Although some will say the disc type cleaners are useless, you might try it. on ocassion, if shrink has issues with breaking the protection, i'll use Rip It4Me 1 click method with DVD decrypter, which ultimately goes back to shrink and Nero. i've verified version 5.7 shows correctly in sony setup, plus it played tron after the update, which it didn't prior.

And yes, sometimes firmware updates can remove capabilities, but never what you describe, i.e. Mind you, sometimes firmware gets released that produces unexpected results. (They've worked for me, and since I smoke and heat our house with coal, our home can get dusty.) 5) Have you tried updating the firmware in your burner? i also did a factory reset of the sony by unplugging, plugging back in, turning on, and holding down stop/power.

i've not tried a lens cleaner, though i've seen that suggestion somewhere else. burner is quite old (Lite On SOHW832) but has the most up to date firmware (VSOM) which i've confirmed.

based on some other reading, i used a program to back up my burner's firmware, then view the write tables and it clearly shows the ritek and TY discs as being supported. i'll keep poking, starting with getting familiar with using Img Burn. Does it break the encryption AND compress or do i still use dvd shrink, then use Img Burn instead of Nero to burn the dvd? They cause the disc to warp, and furthermore, it's variable, dependent on temperature and humidity. You can do a search for "sticky labels" and read some long threads on the subject. Do you have another burner with which you can burn some test discs? And you haven't said if you use verification and/or ISO compare on your burned discs.

How to download and update sony bdp s300 firmware update disc Samsung are one of the most desirable gadgets that can be bought on the market as well as it is long lasting, so this is why people need to know how to update android firmware on Samsung.

Producer takes care of its customers along the whole way of its products life cycle and allows increasing its ...

they work on my OLD sony standard dvd player, my computer (both desktop and laptop) so i know the burns are good.

am i just out of luck that this 3 year old blu ray player is being stubborn or what? Burn at less than full rated speed and use verification.

after the update, tron played without any problems.

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