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AVG has an excellent free offering, complete with real-time protection and advanced scan settings.It has a small tuneup package and ransomware protection, as well, making it better than Avast Free (read our Avast Pro review).AVG Features Overview AVG has a no-nonsense three-plan lineup that we like a lot. Any paying customer has access to an unlimited number of devices, along with all the premium security features we’d expect from an antivirus suite.

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AVG Ultimate combines two products: Internet Security and Tune Up.

It’s the only addition to the feature set, but Tune Up is worth the premium.

If you’ve used Avast before, AVG will feel shockingly familiar. Both platforms run on the Avast security network but maintain separate features.

Avast offers Wi-Fi Inspector on its free plan, while AVG offers a small tuneup package. Internet Security feels like a bonafide antivirus package.

Ultimate is Internet Security and AVG Tune Up combined.

The plan supports an unlimited number of devices on Windows, mac OS and Android and comes with an advanced suite of performance optimization tools.

It’ll clean your machine of extraneous files, find applications that are slowing performance and help identify disk errors.

While not included, AVG offers its virtual private network, Secure VPN, as a privacy tool.

The built-in password manager isn’t on the level of Dashlane, our best password manager (read our Dashlane review).

It’s the same as Chrome’s built-in password manager, that is to say, it’s basic.

It’s the same as Avast’s Secure Line VPN, which is decent, but unimpressive given the price.

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