Underage dating debate

Often in isolated relationships when a breakup comes, other friends have been or will be alienated, leaving the former partners even more isolated and lonely at a time when they both really need friends.In many cases it also distracts young adults from their primary responsibility of preparing for the future.It often mistakes a physical relationship for love.

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So true love always expresses itself as obedience to Christ and service to others.

In contrast to that, the focus of defective dating is usually gratifying self and going against God’s commands concerning righteousness and purity in our lives.

The most obvious thought might be of higher education, but even developing skills and talents can be stunted when one’s attention is focused on steady, intimate dating.

An undesirable consequence is discontentment with God’s gift of youthful singleness.

Chapter 2 gets to the heart of what’s wrong with the typical dating scene by focusing on the negative tendencies of defective dating—that is, dating the way most people have done it for decades.

He points out that the wrong kind of dating can have the following negative effects: It leads to intimacy but not necessarily to commitment.

The rest of the book focuses on how to avoid such negative effects and, beginning with chapter 4, it focuses on godly love.

Harris accurately points out that Christ said if we love Him, we will obey Him.

The problem is what has happened as a result of current normal dating practices.

Teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, emotional scars and a host of other problems often result from modern dating habits.

Dating in the United States and most other developed countries is in serious trouble.

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