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Switch on her afternoon talk show, however, and another version of the star appears, one that shakes her booty, flaunts her cellulite, and gossips like a girlfriend.

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Consequently, the discourse surrounding Tyra Banks the star has everything to do with authenticity, a measure that hinges upon her performance of race, gender, beauty, and a narrative of transformation.

Mc Reynolds 2 Over the years the site of Banks’ stardom has shifted from the realm of the “extraordinary”––her fairytale rise to fame as a trailblazing supermodel––to the “ordinary”–– the candid persona she now presents to the public.

When Tyra started to get really curvy, she signed a contract with Victoria’s Secret.

For a black girl, that was incredible” (Hirschberg 45).

Tyra Banks’ star text deftly negotiates the perfect and the imperfect, but public reception of her persona remains mixed.

Like Banks’ character in Life-Size, the American audience seems perplexed by perfection––at once drawn to the extraordinary, and repelled by it.

To the average woman, the tale of Banks’ initial struggle makes her eventual accomplishments all the more relatable.

She relied on traditional values of discipline and family, rather than her physical attributes, to negotiate success.

Both America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show further enforce the message of dreams and transformation within reach; Banks demonstrates to young women that if they work hard and follow her example they too can “be on top,” as the opening montage of Top Model promises.

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