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The Norwegian beauty was working in London when she was spotted by magazine scouts, and her rise within the organization was meteoric.She was featured as Miss August 1975 and named Playmate of the Year in 1976, bringing her into direct contact with Hefner.She was later ordered to return it all after Yagalla was exposed as a con artist, but before the handover, she and her new boyfriend, Michael Tardio, attempted to sell some of it.

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He reportedly couldn't resist her Scandinavian looks, which Müller thanked God for in an interview with .

"Boiled eggs in trays, crab legs, buckets of peeled shrimp, whole grilled chickens, salmon, filet mignon… Then I'd move onto desserts: German chocolate cake, apple pie, strawberry shortcake, cookies and ice cream." Unfortunately, Müller began to experience health issues; anaemia and low blood sugar reportedly contributed to anxiety and depression.

One was studying in Las Vegas; the other home in Chicago.

As Hef tells it, all it took was a few phone calls, and the Bentley twins were getting ready for life at the mansion.

The long separation came to an end after they sought a divorce. James wrote a tell-all book about what happens behind closed doors at the mansion.

The book is called Daily Mail Crystal Harris was 26 years old when she met Hefner in 2012. The happy couple tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2012.

"Mandy has just moved here, and Sandy's coming out as soon as her semester is over," he said.

The girls made cameo appearances in , in the summer of '99, Sandy began seeing Wall Street multimillionaire Mark Yagalla, who reportedly showered her with waves of expensive jewelry.

Nowadays, she's an outspoken advocate for healthy eating and healthy living.

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