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Together with advances in accelerator mass spectrometry and the availability of continuous, multi-millennial tree-ring chronologies from different parts of the world, our results highlight the importance and feasibility of reproducing the decadal-resolved Int Cal calibration curve at annual resolution over much of the Holocene and maybe even beyond.

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With our box model, an additional 5.3 ± 0.5 (9.6 ± 0.5) 10 atoms, i.e.

1.8 ± 0.2 (3.2 ± 0.2) times the annual production, are needed to produce the 993 (774) anomaly (Supplementary Fig. Although our findings demonstrate accurate cross-dating of well-replicated tree-ring chronologies from around the world, they still cannot guarantee the annual precision of individual measurements from single trees (Methods).

Here we measure the C excursions starting in the boreal summer of 774 and the boreal spring of 993 ensure the precise dating of 44 tree-ring records from five continents.

We also identify a meridional decline of 11-year mean atmospheric radiocarbon concentrations across both hemispheres.

Some references have been interpreted as aurora, but may, alternatively, suggest point-of-light events, such as a gamma ray burst or supernova.

Our data, however, suggest globally homogeneous impacts in 774 and 993 that can be best explained by large energy releases from the Sun, the medieval observations are consistent with our findings.

The independent replication of tree-ring width measurement series therefore remains an essential element in dendrochronology, which further distinguishes our discipline from most other proxy archives for which sample size is much more restricted., whereas 993 coincided with medieval summer warmth of ~0.6 °C (relative to the 1961–90 mean climatology).

Although speculative, slightly lower mean temperatures in the 770 s (compared to the 990 s) may have contributed to a larger, though insignificant (4.0‰ ± 0.4 in 774 versus 3.5‰ ± 0.7 in 993), hemispheric offset in the radiocarbon concentration (Fig. In contrast to previous, model-based assumptions from the proportionally larger SH oceans, however, calls for more research.

This study further emphasizes the accuracy and relevance of using high-resolution (Fig. Given the exceptional nature of these two SEP events, we have examined contemporary medieval texts to see if any references might attest to these cosmic events.

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