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Of course we can also update the maps by accessing the official Tom Tom website, and then download Tom Tom Home app in your Pc which will recognize the data on your navigator and will offer you the latest maps available.

These maps must be paid for but they are also the most carefully reviewed and updated.

Except Map Share, there are several other independent projects which are try to provide free maps for Tom Tom using Open Street Maps that we have talked about here .

Finally, the last option to get free Tom Tom maps is the Android or i Phone smartphone app.

If we own a good smartphone or an i Phone then maybe it is time we give up the outdated classic navigator and purchase the Tom Tom app for phones .

navigation manage the contents and gives full access to the community.

To get the latest map updates you need to connect your navigation device to Tomtom.

The Android and i Phone navigation app from Tom Tom is offered with a price but has huge benefits: free maps for life and Free Daily Map Change which upload the adjustments made by their users immediately.

Therefore, we have two free update sources available for the Tom Tom app, which ensures accurate routing and a carefree trip, and what’s more we don’t need to use the classical navigator but only our phone that we have with us at all times anyway.Map Share is a facility by means of which the users can make changes to Tom Tom maps by correcting or modifying street names, blocked roads, turn restrictions, changes in traffic direction or in speed limits.All these changes are uploaded by Tom Tom owners following the steps here.The firewall won't let me download an update unless I have an admin do it. In the past I could download the file and save it to my desktop then run it from there.Has anyone else experienced this problem before and if so, How'd you fixed it.Unfortunately there is no turn-by-turn guide or other complex features.

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