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It’s got loads of nerve endings and can be a little less intimidating than going full butt.

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‘Admittedly it’s a little easier if you’re going down on someone with a vagina, but it’s definitely possible with penis-havers too.’ they’ve been able to prep), then do your standard oral stuff, work down to start licking the perineum, then slowly tease the rim.

It’s perfectly okay if you just want to hang out in the perineum area for a while.This falls into the cleanliness thing, but it’s worth mentioning.If you have long hair around your bum, you need to be extra, extra careful when cleaning your bum.‘Just scootch your mouth down a little further next time you’re going down on someone,’ George recommends.‘Tease them a little with the end of your tongue to get started.If you’re not interested, that’s okay - tomorrow you’ll get another bagel, curated just for you!

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