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And before you say it: yes, I date assholes, and there are of course American men who would never. I here by accuse American men to suffer badly from the Madonna/whore complex. For a Swede, there is no difference in quality between a girl you wife up and a girl you pound.But my general opinion by spending a hell of a lot of time in the states taking in the American culture, dating, observing, analyzing, reading, discussing with Americans as well as Swedes, men as well as women, is that American men have a bigger weakness for cheating than Swedish ones do. But if a Swede cheats it is because there is something wrong in the relationship and he will eventually come clean due to his tormented conscience and the relationship will end. This idiotic complex has been so strong all over the world since the beginning of time, so to say it does not exist within Swedish men is of course to exaggerate. There is not a certain type of girl who is “girlfriend material” and one that is “just a hoe.” If a Swede cheats it is not because there are needs he cannot have fulfilled with his precious wife so he has to turn to a “hoe.”.This might pass for some as willingness to commit but for me it’s more about insecurity and possessiveness.

in Sweden drunken sex a few times), what’s the next step? They cook, they do the dishes and they take care of the kiddies.

Swedish men are way more equal and often they’re even full blown feminists — something I’m not even sure most American men even know the meaning of.

S., I often get this question: “What’s the difference between dating American and Swedish men?

” After ransacking my own experiences and discussing with my girlfriends over endless bottles of wine, it all comes down to seven differences.

I imagine my future wife as kind, sincere, faithful, intelligent self-confident and thoughtf..

As a notoriously dating Swede spending a lot of my time in the U.

Well, same as us Swedish women do: get very very drunk and go to their place or our place for the night.

That right there is the Swedish idea of a first date.

The other way around, as soon as you hint you might want to hook up again they run the other way screaming they’re not ready for a relationship.

But I very much get the feeling that being all theirs and not being with/talking to anyone else only applies to me, the woman, in this not yet relationship.

At this point you should know what fika is, but in this context it is an ambiguous meeting that may or may not be a date, or a non-date, or a date-pretending-not-to-be-a-date, where you will ask each other typical questions and probably end up talking about how bad the accommodation situation is in Stockholm.

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