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The settings within Nova Launcher are divided into specific areas of the app so you can tweak things for a particular feature.

These settings include things like Desktop, the Dock, Folders, the overall Look & feel of the app, Night mode configuration and Gestures.

Quite literally, every aspect of it can be customized to fit your needs or the look you want on your phone.

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Over the past month I’ve been running two different launchers on two different phones.

On my Nextbit Robin I’ve been trying out the continually updating Microsoft Arrow Launcher while on my Nexus 6P, I’ve been running Nova Launcher.

There are dozens of configurations changes that you can make to truly make it look, feel and behave the way you want it to on your device.

The settings are easy to understand and laid out nicely without being overwhelming.

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Review of Nova Launcher Nova Launcher and the in-app purchase to Prime, gives you one of the most configurable yet easy to use launchers for Android available today.

If you go to the Folders and Look & Feel sections of the Nova launcher settings, you can somewhat complete the Pixel look on your phone.

The Folder section allows you to select the look of your folders on your desktop, of which one option is Pixel Launcher.

To keep this review a reasonable read, I’m not going to dive into each setting but rather give you a sample of what some of them do as you configure the launcher.

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