Sound recorder error updating registry

After uninstalling Office 2007 and installing Office 2013, the snipping tool on all of the PC's is broken.I have tried to run sfc /scannow on all of the PC's, I have tried to do a repair install of Office 2013, and I have tried to reinstall the tablet PC features from the add/remove programs menu. Does anyone have a fix that will spare me the death sentence of having to re-image all of these PCs?

This specific Server hardware manufacturer had an issue with their firmware.

The hardware manufacturer had to replace the motherboard.

There was a firmware update that had been out for 6 months that would have prevented this issue from occurring.

Scenario 3: A Windows Server was dropping network packets.

Here are a few examples: Friday Support: How to update your drivers and software Updating Firmware for Disk Drives in Windows Server 2016 (TP4) Keeping Surface Firmware Updated with Configuration Manager Stop hurting yourself by: Not applying the non-security updates for Windows and Windows Server. Stop hurting yourself by: Disabling IPv6, why do you really do it?

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Q: What if my 3rd party OEM hasn’t updated the driver/firmware hosted on their website, but the 3rd party OEM hardware manufacturer has a newer version?

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