Soulmate dating guardian who is andrew garfield dating 2016

Also people from work, parents from DS's school etc were on there and I'd rather not broadcast the fact I'm on a dating site. I have been on plenty of fish for about a week now and I have been chatting to a quite a few blokes!!!I have had a few nutcases but I guess you get them on any of them!!I worry I might never be pregnant again and worry whether my son will be happy with no siblings (I was one of 4 kids! I was on Soulmates for a while and didn't have any bad experiences - met a couple of nice men and e-mailed others, but no-one who who really lit my fire. A year after we met, he proposed, we got married and now we have a little on the way.

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When you add in all the wannabe's, married men and people looking for 'friends' only that you have to sift through them online as well now it can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.

And in reality finding a partner can be like that regardless on where you look.

You're never sure whether you're doing the right thing or if there's a better way... And it's lonely at night when my son goes to bed.

I am 33 now and have been single all thru my pregnancy, my son is now 6 months old. And, at the time, I was a single parent with one dd.

And I have a date next week with one of the guys I have been talking to after I get back from a week away!!!! When you trawl through all the dross on these sites and think you'll never find anyone 'normal' just remind yourself like I do that you are normal and using the site so there must be others out there.

Remember it is hard to find someone at the best of times.

I know several people who've met good 'uns this way, so good luck to you.

And make sure you've got a profile that stands out and great pictures with you smiling - even though I'm 50, I got lots of responses because people were attracted by my smile (and that includes the eyes).

It also makes a massive difference where you are - lots of talent in London, Brighton, Edinburgh etc, bugger all in the sticks.

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