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“Far from suffering feelings of ‘incompleteness, anxiety and depression’ that the WHO associates with this practice, most of those interviewed in this study spoke positively of this cultural practice.

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Shy at first and meticulously polite, it’s hard to find the right language to describe them.

Prostitutes, sex workers, women engaged in transactional sex – all could be used but seem misleading.

The process is aided by traditional herbs that serve as catalysts.

During sex, the larger elongated lips are known to make sex more pleasurable.

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Once the lips attain their required length, neither too long nor too short, women are advised to revisit the Sssengas for maintenance of the shapes, warmth and fascination. ALSO READ: Between the sheets: 10 things that instantly kill the mood Whereas FGM kills sexual feelings, labia elongations enhance those very feelings.

Sseremba reports of a leading Kampala Ssenga who has had even European women as customers.

my parents say I’m a loss to them, that I have no future...

the man whose child it was said ‘I don’t want you here’.” Just as in the UK, Ugandan women are routinely tested for HIV as part of their prenatal care and Fauza was told she was positive.

Sseremba reports that among the Bahima clan, the elongation was chiefly to raise barricades for rapists, although in other societies, it is purely to optimise sexual pleasure.

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