Serbian dating traditions

Dates are always written in the following order: date-month-year, and they can be written in three main ways, for example 12th September 2006: 12.

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Note the difference between the polite "you" pronoun, "vi" ("vous" in French, "Sie" in German) and informal "ti" ("tu" in French, "Du" in German).

Serbian has no articles and the difference between "a house" and "the house" is understood from the context and noun declensions.

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Everyday use is the the Roman alphabet, but the Cyrillic alphabet is used for official purpose and is considered more traditional.

Pronunciation is usually very simple, as almost every word is written exactly as it is pronounced.Best Regards, blader-ga Well, I have a date with her tonight and I just would like to know if her parents expect flowers , Vodka, ect. Or some of the little things not to do so as I don't start an international not talk about war in Yugoslavia, especially about NATO bombing, regardless of what perspective Other than that, she says that everything else is quite the same and relaxed.She gave an excellent suggestion for future questions.In some cases, such as in words with a prefix ['autobus' (ow-TOH-boos)] the stress is on the middle syllable. Note that the diphthong ia is usually written as ija; eg, policija (police) is pronounced exactly as Italian polizia; name Lydia is written as Lidija; Serbia is, as you have well guessed, spelled Srbija. NOTE: There is no exact equivalence of AM and PM, since 12 hour clock is used mainly in common speech. For “Serbian War Songs”, a selection of traditional songs from and about World War I, the “modern composition supergroup” (THE WIRE) have invited some special guests: the renowned singers SVETLANA SPAJIĆ and DRAGANA TOMIĆ (who both worked a.o.

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