Selling is like dating Up for it naughty chat without membership

A lot of time is spent on your appearance – neat and well pressed shirt/dress, polished shoes as well as the appropriate accessories.You do all the research that needs to be done, and above all, you put up your best performance.

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Sales professionals prospect for potential customers by attending all sorts of business, social and sporting events such as business association meeting, rotary club meetings, funerals, golf tournaments and many others for networking purposes.

In some cases, satisfied customers and individuals refer potential customers to sales professionals, not forgetting the role of the organisation to assign a potential customer to pursue because they fit into its growth strategy.

Just think about the relationship you have with your favourite brand through the continuous ad campaigns, promotions, events and other brand activation activities.

There’s one thing which strikes FEAR in the heart of many men when it comes to dating. Think about it, you have spent months dating a guy or lady whom you believe has all the attributes of your perfect partner/spouse. You share the same aspirations and goals; and all the signs point to compatibility.

If it the date didn’t go well, you feel devastated, but on the contrary you feel elated if it did go well. Just like dating, sales professionals have to put in a lot of effort preparing for the first sales call.

You experience the same emotions and preparations required in approaching the first date.

Research shows that the number one “put off” or “peeve hate” for women who are dating is a guy who talks too much about themselves and doesn’t have a listening ear.

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