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One bachelor's (Russell Crowe) argument for why Lisa (Cecily Strong) should pick him is decidedly more .

Three horny dating show contestants (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Taran Killam) vie for the affections of one .

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"So I want to have a tribute to all the raggedy-ass men who I thought they could rescue like the dogs they were." Jones said all the stories were true, but she changed the photos to protect the "innocent." Then she added "Ain't nobody innocent" before she started belting out "In The Arms of the Angels." has been Jones' interest in Jost, but it has not worked out in real life.

Jost is now dating Scarlett Johansson, so Jones has decided to believe Jost is gay.

I also liked the line about the prize Dial a Blank Electro-Shock Kit - "So effective, you won't remember you own one".

Also the take-off "Death Row Bloopers and Practical Jokes" has some (admittedly) poor taste jokes, which gave me a chuckle.

Comedian and "SNL" star Michael Che shares with ET Canada digital reporter Graeme O'Neil his suggestions for Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson's upcoming wedding.

Plus, he explains why he's proud of friend and co-star Pete Davidson for being candid about his life on the iconic sketch show.It's almost better to have a truly awful date — one you can laugh about with your friends at the bar after you've extracted yourself from it safely — than to have a really mediocre one and go home thinking, "Is that really all that's out there for me?" It's a really pessimistic view of dating, but people on Twitter think it might not be too far from the truth., Celebrity Jeopardy, Bensonhurst Dating Game, and much more!With hosts like Will Ferell, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Tom Hanks, Mike Myers, Billy Crystal, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Joe Pesci, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and many more!Hope that there are semi-normal people using them, specifically.

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