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There is a certain way that you hold your head, the way you come in for a kiss.And sitting there, watching it, I thought that Pat didn't kiss like a guy.Aired on January 11, 1992 (Season 17, Episode 10) with Sweeney playing alongside Kevin Nealon as Bill, host Rob Morrow as Frank, Victoria Jackson as Dina, Dana Carvey and Mike Myers as guests, and Phil Hartman as the Narrator. In honor of having Sharon Stone as the host, Pat is brought in for a Basic Instinct interrogation process. ", Pat says, "We put it on together." Hartman asks, "if you were a baby, what color would your Pampers be, pink or blue?

Pat typically wears a blue Western-style shirt, with tan slacks.

In creating the character, actress Sweeney colored her lips beige, and colored in her eyebrows, to create the character's gender-ambiguous appearance.

Before he gets an answer, he has to hang up when Pat enters. Pat states an inability to help on that matter, having rented a film: Tootsie.

Bill's last effort, when they agree to go to lunch together, is to learn whether Pat has a wallet or a purse; Pat wears a fanny pack. Taking place again at the office, Roseanne Barr played Sue, who meets co-worker Pat. "Strong enough for a woman, but made for a man" (transposing the slogan, "Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman"). " The sketch ends when the clerk swoons out of sight behind her counter. When Pat goes to get a haircut, the hairdresser (George Wendt), has no idea whether to administer a male or female style.

The questions are sexual in nature: "Did you and Chris play any kind of games in bed? " Interrogator #2 (Carvey, who usually played Chris) begins to rant: "You're lying, Pat, you're lying! As the co-workers gather in the office, he expresses his extreme perplexity and discomfort around Pat to Phil Hartman.

You're not telling the truth, and by God I'm gonna find out! The SNL cast wrote a spoof of the 1992 film Single White Female, in which Melanie Hutsell as Hedra, using a wig to look androgynous, plays a new roommate who becomes obsessed with wanting to look like and be like Pat. Or bi." Hedra enters, wearing the same clothes, glasses, and short curly hair as Pat's. At last he is driven insane by the enigma of Pat and dives out the window. Harvey Keitel plays a shipwrecked sailor on a desert island, who has grown lonesome is then greeted by another castaway, who turns out to be Pat.

Dana Carvey, dressed androgynously, plays Pat's love interest Chris, and Nealon reprised his role as Bill. Catherine O'Hara played a drugstore clerk, who tries to help when Pat asks for disposable razors. Pat makes one last purchase, for condoms; yet before O'Hara can draw the conclusion that Pat must be male, they proclaim, "I think contraception is the responsibility of both partners. The stylist asks which magazine Pat would like to read, naming gender-specific titles (Sports Illustrated and Glamour). When they say the haircut is to look good for a party, the barber asks what they'll be wearing, and they respond "Black".

O'Hara asks whether they would prefer a pink or blue package, but Pat says they will take whichever is cheaper. The clerk offers a "bracing tonic" (for a man) or a "soothing lotion" (for a woman). The clerk says, "Yes, everybody likes that." Next, Pat asks the increasingly nervous shop-woman for some antiperspirant. The barber attempts to find out Pat's gender by pointing to different prices for men and women displayed on the wall, but Pat simply gives him and tells him to keep the change.

" (Many theatrical productions of Peter Pan feature a woman in the title role.) In another sketch, Pat tells Kevin Nealon that the name is Pat Riley (like the coach of the Lakers), only to add, "but there's one big difference between me and him... " "Pat" debuted on December 1, 1990 (Season 16, Episode 7), with John Goodman hosting. " Pat explains that Pat's planned marriage to Chris fell through, because Chris got involved with Terry.

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