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That’s a general comedy thing, though: you need to make your own material.” “Of course I read it.

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Haskins smartly and hilariously explores television’s posturing and packing of women.

– info Mania “puts a comedic spin on the 24-hour chaos and information overload brought about by the constant bombardment of the media”; Target Women puts a bitch slap on the media for eroding the feminist movement. I wanted to do an on-air piece for info Mania, which, at the time I started, was expanding into a half-hour show.

(I am not sure if your readers know about Second City – it’s a comedy theater that creates social and political satire through sketch comedy and many of its alumni end up doing cool things: Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Chris Farley, etc, etc.) The show was so smart and funny I loved it and wanted to perform on that stage.

“Also, on a more embarrassing note, I loved the first Austin Powers movie and thought it would be really fun to work on a project like that.” “My family, our neighbors, my community and my teachers.

How about a montage of a montage of feminine hygiene product commercials! I don’t personally understand how lawn mower and water rodent references (not to mention the very earnest implication that our “bushes” are destined to be exquisitely manicured topiaries) are any less offensive than a biologically accurate term, but for now, I’m going to join in on the naming fun. )I would like to challenge your inner potty mouth and please feel free to add onto this embarrassingly small list.

Challenging my inner potty mouth, here are some other suggestions that she hasn’t brought up yet (stop me if you’ve heard them), but Sarlacc the Sand Pit from ? Some ideas: Lawrence of A Labia; Little Jackie; Honey Pot; Hannah Montana; Mini Sirloin Burger (for all of you Jack in the Box fans. I still think “crotch” is pretty funny, however, anyone who knows me knows that I have a penchant for old lady slang.“It’s a little odd to be in the public eye and have strangers write about you. I’m a regular person so some of the attention – even as nice as it is – can certainly be overwhelming.” experience has been good.Chicago has a lot of women working in the community so it isn’t an isolating experience or an odd one to be a woman there.Aside from modern Seth Rogen flicks, epic classics such as However, when it comes to women’s parts, portrayal is a little more taboo and even unintentionally hilarious.Have you ever seen a grown man sit through a tampon commercial or cringe at the sound of the phrase “sanitary napkin”? Well, us ladies have a few new champions on our side to help bring lady-part nomenclature awareness to the frontlines.Of all the “online sensations” that the internets have birthed, few will be worthy of our attention in the years to come – hell, most are forgotten within weeks, destined to crop up in “Remember When…” features about You Tube superstars and people who penned angry bulk emails about the spaghetti stains in the office microwave and then sent it to the UN, or whatever.

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