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It’s keeping you from settling your glass down onto the proper place.Moving the bag and pushing it towards her would not only be rude, but it also shows you that you have no respect for her things.

Now, some men can’t be blamed for behaving like this.

It’s entirely possible that they have no idea how to be a gentleman.

Not only does it show that you’re a proper gentleman, but it may also be admired for being such a polite and chivalrous guy.

[Read: Is chivalry dead because men are getting lazy? Much like getting the door for her, assisting her in settling down onto a chair isn’t something you do because she needs help.

The basics include not resting your elbows on the table, chewing with your mouth closed and not slurping the soup.

Manners are what differentiate a gentleman from an uncivilized slob. This is pretty much a no-brainer, but so many men *and some women* seem to forget this. You’re out on a date with a girl and you notice that her bag is on the table.

No matter how bad you think your hair looks, it can’t possibly look worse than being deemed an uncouth oaf.

[Read: The difference between nice guys and chivalrous guys, and why nice guys lose all the time! If you don’t practice this at home when you’re eating takeout in front of the TV, make it a point to at least read about it online.

It just shows that you care about her comfort and that you would put it before your own.

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