Ps3 crashes when updating youtube

Update 2: It's live on the Play Station Store, and we just gave it a go.

ps3 crashes when updating youtube-44

Back in 2009, before video game consoles became the streaming video boxes they are today, it was exciting to have any leanback You Tube experience at all — even a sluggish web app that could only stream pitifully low-res video from within the PS3's aging browser.

Three and a half years after that initial tease, though, Google is finally delivering the goods: a native You Tube app for Play Station 3.

While video browsing occurs in a lovely full-screen twin-axis interface and autocomplete search works just as promised, the video quality is sorely lacking still: over our 18Mbps AT&T U-Verse connection, all of the "1080p" videos we played didn't actually seem to display at anything near the crispness of 1080p resolution, and there doesn't seem to be a way to manually tell the app to do so.

The app's also not without its bugs: preview images won't always load properly, the screen resolution went out of whack a few times, and once during testing the app actually crashed our PS3, requiring a reboot.

You can even download these videos for free and file them for future reference.

For free and easy download, you can use a reliable software such as i Tube HD Video Downloader.

There are times when the network is choked that you need to find a different time of the day like late in the evening when there are fewer people connected to upload the video.

This will also help diagnose if the issue is caused by PSN, your local network or your internet service provider. "Suggested Videos" not available up on PS3 You Tube app - searching for videos at random may prove to be difficult and will have to designate a specific category.

For some reason, this is turned on by default and can be quite frustrating.

It differs depending on the brand of the unit but there should be an option for "over scan" or "aspect adjustment" in the video or advanced settings. Cannot upload videos in You Tube PS3 - keeps getting an error that the video cannot be uploaded.

It might not always be critical and glitches are always bound to happen which will eventually get patched.

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