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Most were given only enough education to efficiently manage the homes of their future husbands and raise their children.

Young men were expected to go to university in order to prepare themselves to become medical doctors, military officers, or clerics in the Church of England.

His father, Robert, had the largest medical practice outside of London at the time and his mother, Susannah Wedgwood, was from a family of wealthy pottery manufacturers. Thereafter, he was raised mostly by his father and doting older sisters.

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The combination force was be used as output of target shifting force, which was applied on shifting fork and to realize preselection process.

In this process, the fuzzy controller adopted a triangle uniform distribution function as membership function, Mamdani algorithm was adopted as inferential principle, and centroid method was employed against blurring.

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Through pressure control of target gear under special operating condition, the speed regulation of gear shaft in to-be-connected gear ring was realized, and thus the speed difference between master and slave part of synchronizer was reduced as much as possible, and smaller degree of sliding friction and shorter synchronization time during synchronizing process could be achieved.

Subsequently, from the perspective of kinematics and dynamics and based on the mechanical structure of gear preselector, the neutral gear self-lock resistance, frictional force, synchronizing force of joint sleeve, resistance force of joint ring gear, and shifting fork self-lock force were investigated.

Through calculating the resistance forces related with fork position during different stages, the relation between synchronizing force and synchronization time could be revealed, and the resistance model of preselection process could be established.

After that, by selecting degree of shock and slipping friction work as 2 evaluation indices for gear preselector, the relationships between degree of shock and shifting force during synchronizing process and during joint sleeve - joint gear ring engagement process were analyzed, as well as the relationship between slipping friction work and shifting force during synchronizing process.

On the basis of guaranteeing the smoothness of preselection process and under the premise that the synchronizing ring would not be worn, allowable values of degree of shock and extreme sliding power were set.

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