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So accuracy and timely update of Active Directory information is highly important.To improve the quality of the information stored in Active Directory and reduce the costs related to unnecessary waste of IT staff time, users should be given the possibility to update their personal information by themselves.

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It is possible to make certain fields required, specify allowed values for some user properties, define how data must be formatted, control what fields are available for users to update, etc.

Due to security issues users are required to change their passwords periodically.

Synchronizing users’ identities between local and cloud directories is a great way to let users access different resources on both on-premises and cloud environments with just a single set of credentials.

To achieve that, you need to use Azure AD Connect to integrate your on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD.

Thanks to that, you will not push any unwanted or not verified changes to Office 365.

Every day help desk and IT personnel waste time handling minor problems that regular users can solve by themselves.

To avoid this, it is essential to enable users to change their passwords via a web-based interface.

Adaxes Web Interface for Self-Service provides a powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use search feature that lets users quickly find out necessary information about their colleagues, managers, partners, customers, etc.

However, in modern conditions users often access corporate services from remote locations or mobile devices and have no possibility to change their passwords when it is necessary.

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