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Let’s look forward to more drama series starring Poppy Montgomery in the years to come.What do you think of Poppy Montgomery plastic surgery rumors?Watch this hot interview Poppy Montgomery had with Craig Ferguson back in 2011: Botox are frequently used by middle aged celebrities who want to counter the effects of loose skin on the face and neck.

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On first look, she has definitely matured from her younger days.

But those rumors of her forehead looking smooth due to botox use is quite nonsensical to be honest.

To be fair, she got back to her slender figure within weeks after giving birth.

So to say that she has had tummy tucks to gain her figure seems a bit ridiculous.

For Poppy Montgomery, she has appeared slim throughout the years.

Even during those years of pregnancy, she never looked out of shape.

Also known as That Poppy, she's a singer who gained popularity for her singles "Lowlife" and "Everybody Wants To Be Poppy." In 2017 she released her full-studio album titled Poppy.

Computer; she also won the 2017 Streamy for Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

Even if her boobs do look bigger now, it could be due to the effective technology of those push up bras.

Overall, Poppy Montgomery has done a fantastic job in keeping herself looking as beautiful as her younger days. Seems like she understands the need to look good is of ultra importance in Hollywood.

With that, it will be evident that one has undergone some plastic surgery.

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