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Because girls come and go, but a good guy will be there through thick and thin.—there’s nothing worse than a happily-married friend trying to give you advice.

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It’s easy to judge a dating app by their interface, and POF still has some progress to make to compete with the latest-and-greatest of tech-forward dating apps.

That being said, because they’ve been around for 15 years, they have some perks in their corner.

Once you navigate to the ‘registration’ button, you’ll be ask to provide the basic information and demographics you expect with a dating site, including your email, a username, your birthday and your sexual orientation.

You’ll find the same process when you sign up via one of their three apps, too.

From the vast amount of singles fishing in the app to the ease of narrowing down matches, here is what you can expect when using Plenty of Fish to find a partner:, Lori Bizzoco explains many users enjoy using POF for one very important factor: options.

Since it was founded, POF has continually increased their users, and estimates to see thousands of new members every single day.

Perhaps one dating app that could make a difference is named after this dating advice itself: Plenty of Fish.

An active destination for singles since 2003, POF isn’t widely used in the United States but wildly popular in other countries, like Canada and many parts of Europe. —network of users, this mostly-free app is a smart way to dig through endless profiles and perhaps, find someone you’re crazy about.

So far, POF hasn’t integrated with Facebook to make their sign-up process easier, but if they continue at the same momentum, it is likely a feature that will be introduced sooner than later.

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