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Them have transmitted on a dangerous task, in which one it(he) and has perished.I love to find the new prescriptions of cooking and to surprise the friends.

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She seemed to be doing well career wise, she had recently got a better job as the manager of a group of petrol stations.

I very much enjoyed my trip and things seemed to go well, but I was taken aback by Natalia's letters on my return.

But approximately speak, up to Moscow the train of a compartment costs(stands) 1200 roubles.

At us speak, more cheaply abroad to visit, than across Russia to travel.

I wonder if the the guys who complained were blaming the agency rather than the girl ?

It(he) has received many awards for a good and brave service.

Natalia was an excellent guide and cooked meals for me at the appartment when we didn't eat out.

In the same letter, she had the cheek to request that I pay her 0 a month until I brought her over to England !

Apparently she already had a rich American guy as 'backup'.

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