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Mike’s family seemed to know Paula extremely well, and we can’t remember exactly who, but someone said that Paula has been coming around Mike’s house “for years.” Clearly, The Situation has not been in a committed relationship “for years,” but Mike and Paula have been pretty open about the fact that their relationship was, well, pretty open.as cameras panned to Quittman standing in the audience. He's the first boyfriend I've had since I got divorced."Patton famously split from ex-husband Robin Thicke in 2014 after more than two decades as a couple.However, he clarified the situation to , explaining that he and his estranged wife have been separated "for awhile.""We were totally separated before I moved on," he told the magazine.

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While she's certainly not living in that lavish house with Mike and his roommates, Lauren was down in Florida during filming, so it's likely fans will see her on camera at some point.

If you recall, The Sitch was preparing to head to Seaside for the final season, and he was sitting around his family’s breakfast table along with Paula.

In July 2017, Mike told Me and my lady are moving in the next step of our personal life and are moving towards getting engaged.

I'm trying to keep it somewhat of a surprise to her because she's around me all the time, but she understands the situation we're in.

So, who is Lauren Pesce, the woman who tamed The Situation?

Mike's college sweetheart can pretty much do anything, and it's only a matter of time before the whole world falls in love with her, too.

They have gone through plenty of ups and downs in the almost six years since, but they've stuck together through it all.

Lauren and Mike may have been broken up during the time he was on Lauren runs The Style Bae, a lifestyle blog that shares fashion, beauty, food, and fitness tips.

Mike cracked his ribs at the gym in June 2015, and as he and Lauren were driving to the hospital, Lauren "was pleading, 'You know [painkillers] are not good for you — whether they’re doctor prescribed or not.

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