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Match has had more than 42 million people join the site since 1995, and today more than 39 million people visit the site every month.

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Get used to attending weddings alone and reminding everyone that you’re dating a doctor!

Residents are allowed approximately four weeks of vacation in a scheduled year.

Coworkers feel invested in these relationships and need details.

Hospitals are comprised primarily of women, and women tend to gossip.

I’ve got a fur baby myself, so I can understand what it’s like to want to date someone who feels the same way about animals.

Today, we’re giving a pat on the head to these 17 awesome dating sites that also give you a lot of bang for your buck (or no buck, that is).

Switches require planning and massive amounts of bargaining.

The majority of the time, the doctor has to give up holidays or multiple weekends to get a specific night off.

Don’t expect expensive nights out and diamonds until after residency and fellowship are completed!

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